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Hugo Veiga


Hugo Veiga, was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1980.

He began his career at McCann Erickson – Lisbon, after winning a national competition for young creatives.
In 2004, he won the International Advertising Festival in Portuguese language (Sinos) Young Creatives Competition, which gave him the oportunity to start working in Brazil.

In his career, he has develop campaigns for brands like Coca Cola, Burger King, Santander, Claro, Motorola, Castrol, Dove, Allianz, Hellmanns, Tang and Salvation Army.

Outside advertising, he has participated in several projects:
- Was a screenwriter and actor in three Portuguese TV comedy shows;
- Created Azevedo. An animation character that made it’s debut on portuguese national TV;
- Wrote four songs for a Czech DJ & producer JKL;
- Won two editions of the Lisbon Improvisational Theater Competition;
- Created Clio On_Tour, a limited series for Renault Clio, launched in Portugal in 2005;
- Did dubbing for TV cartoons;
- Became portuguese vice national champion in 400m hurdles back in 1997.
- Was the lead singer of Moda Foca, a rock band without fans or talent.